Return to the wild


20180620_180334Pineforest is flashing by. Interupted only by glistening outstretched lakes both to my left and right. Gulls and swallows and greenfinches are making dips and dives and an occasional corkscrew, coming daredevilishly close but always getting out of our way in the nic of time. The road ahead is empty. Rain is pouring down and envelops the landscape in a fog that has a mysterious quality to it. As we keep on driving north, a bend in the road reveals a more rocky scenery and I sigh of relief. Hello world. I’m home.

Exactly three weeks ago we traded our colorful apartment in the suburbs for a 6-person-motorhome that fits two humans and three kitties just right. We are now on the move. Finally.
I’ve never been one to stay in the same place for long but am still figuring out whether I’m a nomad at heart or simply haven’t found the right place yet. I know that if it’s out there, it’s hidden somewhere deep in the woods or on the highest mountain peak. A fortress of soltitude guarded by pine and oak.


It’s not that I don’t like human contact, I just love trees better and turn out to be somewhat of a loner. I take after my father that way. It took me a decade or so to realize it wasn’t my fault that I started to click less and less with the people around me. And it wasn’t theirs either. I just grew in a different direction, with leaves and ranks sprawling out in wild tangles to chase the sun while others focused on rooting down to withstand the storms of life.
Maybe I just hadn’t found my tribe yet. Or maybe my tribe consists of foxes and eagles instead. Who knows?! But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re ‘my kind of people’ so I’ld like to say hi and get to know you! Leave a little blurb in the comments if you will 🙂

Now that I’m finally out here, free as can be, I feel an obligation to live up to my potential. To find peace of mind and do all those things that make my heart race and my soul sing. To experience life amped up to the max. Some might call it “living the dream”, to me it’s just living life in the only natural way I’m able to. My obligation is not to you, or even myself. I owe it to this wonderful world we are given the chance to exist in. I want to take it all in and breathe the wild air! While it’s still there.

dsc00913.jpgSo if you’re a wild one, like me, come back here regularly to catch up on stories of a life lived free and passionately. Always on the move and never taking anything for granted.

Because oh my… what a magical world we live in!



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2 gedachtes over “Return to the wild

  1. The road ahead is empty
    It’s paved with miles of the unknown
    Whatever seems to be your destination
    Take life the way it comes, take life the way it is.


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