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Life’s an exploration; a mission to connect with yourself – first of all, and subsequently with all that’s out there. The mountains and rivers, the wind and the moon; in the end we are all one. All stardust. All life and energy.

When starting a drawing or painting, often times I have no idea what will appear on paper. Other times I start with a basic idea, like a landscape or some kind of animal, but never knowing what the end result will look like. It only takes shape as soon as I put my brush to paper and it’s the adventure of finding out where my paint will flow today that makes creating worth while for me.

Rainbow Nymph +nature

Just as in life, I’m at my best when I allow myself to simply go with the flow. To drift on the wind, be swept away by the storms but always landing on my feet. Sometimes it floats me in directions I would have never thought of moving in. And that, right there, is adventure! Adventure is in not knowing where you will end up. Or how you will get there. It’s in letting go of all plans and having faith that whatever needs to be, will be.

That being said, it can be pretty damn hard to let go and not plot for the future. And even though I’m well aware that my best works come into existence without an urge to create anything in particular, there are still too many days I get caught up in trying to recreate the imagery of my mind’s eye rather then trusting my intuition and enjoying the ride.

One day when I put my pen to paper, free of ideas and plans, this is what came out:


Seriously, if I could be purple and wander the woods in the nude I would! I’ve never felt more alive than in these past 7 weeks of travel; getting to know more plants by name and use everyday, washing my hair with ice cold gletcherwater (literally causing brainfreeze), skinnydipping in emerald lakes and drying in the sun. It feels like coming home, more so every single day! My connection to the trees, the earth, the mountains rising high above me, is not only stronger but also seems more real now that I have devoted my life to consciously being a part of it all.

Not that I could have known any of this when I drew up a silver-haired magical creature that I later decided to call a forest nymph (see how my process always is a little backwards?!). But I did know that nature was, and always will be, a big part of my life. (As it should be of anyone’s! Trying not to judge ;))
A whole series of nymphs followed, and I’ve grown to love them all but this first creature remains special to me. Which is probably why she’s the last nymph to add to my selection of artprints, but as of today she’s all yours to put up on the wall or stick in your journal!

My nymph drawings are my most personal pieces of art. They represent all I stand for; to cherish the trees and take care of the earth. To be one with nature. To shine brilliantly in your happiness just to be alive. To be vulnerable yet oh so fierce. Shining all your true colours and making the world a little more loving with your presence.

Having read all this you might picture me as the floaty type. Or a favorite expression a friend of mine would use; “zo’n tingel-tangel-type”. (Sorry, no fitting English translation here but think of the sound a triangle would make. Or maybe a temple bell. Then picture some barefooted, longhaired person clothed in a thousant layers of breezy cotton, head high up in the clouds, and you get the image).

Truth is, I’m not. Or maybe I am, but you wouldn’t nescesarilly say so upon meeting me. My believe that everything is one, stems from the simple fact that scientifically, it IS. There is no way of denying that in the end it all comes down to energy. Just like there’s no sense in seperating ‘us’ from ‘animals’ or claiming a tree’s life is worth any less than a whale’s. To me at least. But more about that some other time 😉

Rainbow Nymph Tropical +nature3Ok, so maybe I’m not a complete hippie in the traditional sense but if I could transform into one of my nymphs and live my life deep down in the forest, I probably would. Nature will always be my first and biggest love.
I might as well be purple!



All nymphs shown are for sale in the shop.
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Contact me for commissions or if you’ld love to have a nymph printed onto a shirt, cap, pillowcase…, you name it!

Forest Nymph Willow

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