About me

Connected to nature. Exploring. Always headed to the next adventure.
Spreading love, happiness and wild vibes since 1989.

StudioSarie is the product of wild creativity and a longing for freedom, travel and exploring the unknown. Building towards a self-sustainable lifestyle, the Studio was moved into our RV in the summer of 2018, bringing you nomadic art from Europe’s wildest territories!

Next to building a collection of wall decor that brings the wild into your home, I love creating custom designs ranging from spirit animals and personal gifts to logo design and magazine illustrations. My motto is to keep it simple and make art available to all!

Both as an artist and a person, I love to venture out; take hikes, explore, meet amazing creatures, hug trees, feel the wind and enjoy it as much as I possibly can! I am a soul-searcher, actively working towards a self-sustainable life in the midst of it all.

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