Hi! This is me. Together with the love of my life I’m striving to make the world a wilder, more loving and colorful place. Greener, to be exact.
We don’t believe in daily commutes to a grey office space and wasting away our lives inside in order to make lots of money. We believe in forest hikes and planting trees and loving the Earth while living a more basic lifestyle.
On June 1st, 2018, we started our life changing adventure by selling all of our belongings and moving into our RV to travel Europe, looking to find the best place to build our 100% self-sustainable, off grid ECO-home. It has been A Wild Journey so far!

We are now depending fully on my income as an artist, to both make a living AND save up to build our future eco-home. We strive to not only change our own lives, but also set an example as pioneers of a new lifestyle; a new Earth.
So, while spreading my love for the Wild through my art, we’re also hoping to inspire and educate people through showing our alternative way of life.
In harmony with nature.

We’ve chosen France as our homebase, and will soon start planning our zero-impact living quarters; building exclusively with natural resources, recycled materials and garbage. That way, in the proces of building our nest we’re also cleaning up the earth!
To give you an idea what a home made up of waste looks like:



That’s an idea of our hallway, which will double as a greenery with garden cells, so we can grow our own food. Can you already see me working on paintings in there?

Water used in the bathroom will, amongst others, be recycled to water our plants. Ground- and rainwater will be collected and used multiple times before it’s given back to the earth in one of our garden cells. Electricity will be derived from renewable sources only, like wind and solar energy, and its use limited to a minimum.

It will be a life of living in and with nature. The only sensible new way of life, I believe.


But creating a new way of life takes courage, time, energy and inevitably also money. Even though we will be building with natural and recycled materials, this adventure definitely isn’t going to be cost-free:
We will need to finance a suitable plot of land, AND find a means of paying our bills while we will be investing all of our time and energy into building this house. Not to mention the cost of solar panels and wind turbines, among other investments that we need to make in order to stop our toxic influence on the planet.
We’re trying to be as resourceful as we can but we’re still going to need all the help we can get!

And that’s where you come in: with your help, I can build a greener life, and we can get started right away when we find that perfect plot of land.

Your donation will help me to make it through my homeless years, so I can in my turn help the earth recover from our toxic impact.
It will enable me to keep creating art and devote my life to spreading my message of love for nature.
It will be part in creating a chain reaction through education, setting an example and pioneering our way to a healthier environment.
It will facilitate our dream of making the world a better place.

So, thank you SO MUCH for your support! Your help means the world to me, and is a step in the right direction toward a greener earth. Help us help the world by DOING, rather than dreaming.

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Or go through our WhyDonate page.


P.S. If you’re interested in helping us actually build this house, or think you can be of help to our plans (or financing them) in any other way, please contact me at !

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